Mouse Jiggler

mousejiggler.jpg People keep making fun of this gadget, but I honestly think it’s GENIUS! This is a USB device that when plugged in, jiggles your mouse thus making the screen saver not appear. I always hate when watching a movie or something and then having the stupid screen saver come up and interrupt me. It’s true that you could just go change the screen saver settings but hey, this is more fun if you have a spare 30$ on your hands.

Pick up one at here


3 Responses to “Mouse Jiggler”

  1. Michael Garrett Says:

    Thats a great little invention…it seems so simple you think someone would have invented it sooner. The price seems a bit steep though. I think I will stick with changing the screen saver settings for now.

  2. Desktopjunk Says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  3. nealcruz82110 Says:

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